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espana-resort .org is the Parent organisation of a number of diverse web sites we also power a number of high profile web sites.

Within the group are the collection of DennyMedia and DennyAds sites, predominantly these are information sites. The 13000 page information site actually called simply 13000.DennyMedia.com not only offers quick information and links to the many visitors but also offers the opportunity of high profile advertising and sponsorship. Sponsored ads and banners can be placed on all 13000 pages giving this huge amount of links to the sponsor site. Full details of advertising opportunity's and link to the site can be found here.

We are also able to offer web sites to customers who would like to break into Internet Marketing by providing ready to go Adsense and Amazon sites. Clients who know little about web design can, with our help have one of our sites up and running within a day or two. We will change the colour scheme, name of the site, and other cosmetic features. Once the client has signed up with Google adsense and Amazon, we will insert the id codes, optimise it for search engines and upload the site to the server of choice. All this from only £120.00. A selection of sites and the cost of each can be found here.

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